Walk Arrangements

1.    A walk leader usually finalises plans 10 days before a walk and then sends details by e-mail (or you can phone the leader to find out more if you are not on e-mail).

2.    Contact the walk leader a few days before to let them know you are going and by the previous Thursday at the latest. Let them know if you need a lift or can offer one and they will co-ordinate things. Our aim is to be as economical with transport as possible, taking as few cars as we reasonably can. We share transport costs between all waged walkers.  Currently each driver gets 25p per mile, unwaged walkers pay a maximum of £2.00 and low waged walkers (band C and below) a maximum of £4.00 No one pays more than £14, with the difference being made up from funds if necessary.

3.    If you later decide not to go on a walk you MUST let the leader or your car sharers know so the whole group is not waiting unnecessarily. It is our custom to wait for ¼ hour for anyone who seems to have been delayed.

4.    Food. Bring something for lunch and plenty to drink throughout the day.

5.    Clothing. What you need to take will vary according to the walk. What you need for a gentle walk through farmland will be a lot less than a mountain walk in more isolated and difficult terrain. There is a list available if you are unsure. We would like to remind you though that if you do not have the right equipment it is not just you who is affected but it can affect the safety of the group as a whole. Rucksacks and waterproofs can usually be borrowed if you ask in advance.

6.    Twice a year we meet up to plan our next 6 months of walks and to talk through any matters of concern raised by members. We do this at someone’s house over a shared meal. Just bring something to share. Veggie is the best bet. All members are welcome. Our meetings are informal and we aim to reach a consensus about matters in a relaxed way.

7.    Membership. Anyone can give us a try for 2 walks but after that you should become a member or if you decide not to join then we will charge you £3 per walk or £1.50 unwaged. Members receive national information and this includes details of all clubs walks and weekend trip programme so you can join other outings.

Under 18s

As a consequence of the Children’s Act (and as English Law regards anyone under 18 as a child) we have to ask anyone under 18 to bring signed permission from a parent/guardian to allow the walk leader (or other member) to be responsible for them during the walk. Parents need to understand that we do not arrange criminal records checks on our members so the parent must satisfy themselves that the person who will be responsible for their child during the walk is suitable